My journey in Florida:

A friend invited me to meet a local artist who also taught oil painting.  I already knew I loved painting, so I jumped at the chance to improve and expand.  She made a hugh impact on my growth as an artist.  She said, "you have the mind and the eyes for art, you just need to refine your skills and tune into them."  

This is how I began being an "artist" versus a "painter".  Today, I still spend every day creating my own art, in my own style.  Whether it be visiting a museum, going to the beach or park for inspiration., studying shadows, or just planning a subject scene.  I can never retire from art.  It's what I do.  It's who I am: an artist. 

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                     Sharon Roselli

Born in Denver, CO but moved to New Jersey when I was just a baby.  I consider myself a "Jersey Girl"  since that is where I was educated, raised a family, worked....etc.

In 1986, I took some art classes in acrylics. While I've always had a creative mind, this created a spark.  I had found something I really enjoyed doing.  Before long, I was creating wood crafts with decorative painting (like bird houses, decorative boxes, etc.) and some framed art.  A friend had recommended I get into the business and put me in contact with several retail stores for consignments. Before you know it, I was working full time fulfilling special orders, and out on the "show circuit."  In 2006, my husband I moved to Florida : the intention was to retire (ha ha ha).  I began working as a real estate broker, and still continue to be successful in this field.