My name is Patty Nelson. I am a watercolor artist and a self employed Riding Instructor.  After trying varied mediums of art, I found I really gravitated towards working with watercolor and their ability to blend and flow.  I enjoy making my watercolors as vivid as you would find in oils or acrylics. The strong vibrant colors of a moody sky or a deep blue ocean are a constant inspiration for the paintings I like to do. The subject matter I decide to paint is as varied.  Sometimes I am inspired to paint still life.  At other times I am inspired to paint one of my personal favorites seascapes. No matter what the subject matter is I always strive to make all of my watercolor paintings vibrant and bold in nature. This color choice for me can brighten and enhance the personality of other people‚Äôs personal spaces. When I paint, I can already see it in my mind the art piece becoming a part of a cheerful kitchen or an upbeat bathroom. I choose energetic colors hoping that others will see that my watercolor art can enhance and add that little touch of sparkle in whatever personal space they choose.  I am available to discuss commission work.