Marilee Lee

watercolors, ink, acrylic, mixed media


I like to think that my art is a celebration of all things that could be. Capturing the idea on paper has an intoxicating magic to it. There is pleasure in finding the challenge, exploring it and experimenting with various mediums watching as the idea takes shape. The amazing tools we have today give greater freedom to exploring all the endless shapes, patterns and colors nature and the imagination cooks up. I work in watercolor and mixed media and love the simplicity of pen and ink drawings.

Creating art all my life has produced a large body of work. The fantasy pictures, the pictures of imaginary plants and situations are the art I love the most. I enjoy exploring an idea many different ways and end up with a series of pictures all around the same subject.  From peacocks to mermaids, fantasy children portraits, fish, animals and more. 

If something I have created brings joy, enlightenment, value to others, than that is an extra bonus.

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