Harry McVaY

oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil and pen and ink.


An authentic Floridian artist, though having now the use of the GI Bill (4yr. stint, USAF, Illustrator), choose not to live & attend the noted art schools in the big apple city of  NY, N.Y.... such as Cooper, Parsons, & Pratt,  but to attend an excellent art school in hometown Sarasota, Florida - Ringling School of Art &.... then to Univ. of FL where I (remembering youthful life of family camping, fishing, hunting & BSA) could continue portraying Florida's flora & fauna, old Florida, growing Florida & it's people all persuasion.  Specializing in watercolor but also creating artworks in oil, acrylic, pastel, drawing, etching & photography amassed of body of work exhibiting & showing from sidewalk shows to museum exhibits. Besides just family many appreciative patrons have purchased his artworks, Thank You.  Advice from USAF civilian artist friend & then from a RSA teacher was 'only work in art jobs' & 'when working on a project, do the art part first', (among many others) gave course to future direction. With so many imaginations, ideas & dreams blasting thru the brain I concluded early on that being Christian was the only way to get the paintings I wanted to paint, painted... was to believe in everlasting life. The surprise is the result of which inspirations actually get realized into existence - fruition.