Connie Plews  


Artist Statement

I am originally from upstate New York where I raised three children while working full time.  I have always enjoyed visiting Art Gallery‚Äôs and Art shows but realized I wanted to learn more about art to appreciate what I was seeing.  I read in the paper that a local senior center was offering free art lessons one day a week.  I decided to go and it changed my life.  The elderly gentleman that was teaching had done pencil sketching when he was young and had come to the class to learn something new when the teacher became ill and they needed a volunteer to take over the class.  His knowledge was very limited but he knew more than I did.  I did not know the difference between oil and watercolor.  I chose oil and he told me the basic colors to buy and three brushes that would start me out.  I attended his class and he called me his prize student, certainly not for my talent but my perseverance.  I spent a lot of time at the library trying to learn as much as I could and consider myself self taught by trial and error over the past sixteen years.

I moved to Florida six years ago and have been learning to paint palm trees instead of snow.